Otis T & the Hammers / Phamtom Freeway Reunion Show!!

Ziggies, 4923 W. 38th Avenue, Denver, CO

Long ago, in a land that is Denver, there were two bands: First Otis T & the Hammers, followed by Phantom Freeway. What these bands have in common is the awesome Ron "Poke Chop" Gill.

Ron has moved on to different pastures, but is returning to Denver and bringing his awesomeness to the Ziggies stage for one night only. We are proud to say that we, the members of Doc Brown's Blues Band were part of Otis T & the Hammers.

So, please join us for this very special reunion show. Otis T & the Hammers will warm up the room, and then Phantom Freeway will rock your world!

See you at the show!